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    Question conversation

    Hi there, I'm completely lost as I'm just proofreading a document as a test for a publisher...

    The author who has written said document doesn't end any of her quotes with a comma, full stop, or anything! Not even, 'said Jane', or, 'pleaded Joan'!!

    For example,

    'You wouldn't believe me'
    'Try me'
    'It's a long story'
    'I don't care'

    For me this seems really strange, but she's consistent and I don't want to change it unless she is actually wrong... could it be that it's personal choice as long as she's consistent? And what about saying who said what - I'm afraid I'm a little stumped; does anyone have a clue out there?


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    Re: conversation

    Dear Beckstock:

    Has the story been in the hands of her editor?
    Did the publisher make it clear to you what level of proofing is desired?

    If the ms has been handled by her editor, and you are asked to do basic proofreading, I'd say let her personal dialogue format stand.

    All best wishes,


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    Re: conversation

    I agree with pyoung, there are a few authors who write in that fashion.

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