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    When do you use me and when do you use I when referring to yourself in a conversation
    eg Sandy and I went out for a meal last night or is it Sandy and me or me and Sandy went out for a meal last night?

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    Re: English

    [I am not a teacher.]

    1. When the pronoun is the subject, use 'I'.

    eg. I love you. (subject: I; predicate:love; objective: you)

    eg2. Sandy and I went out for a meal last night (Sandy and I is the subject of the sentence, so you must use 'I'.)

    2. When the pronoun is the object, use 'me'.

    eg. You love me. (subject: you; predicate:love; objective: me)

    Now pop quiz, let see whether you understand it.

    Give__ that book.

    A. I

    B. me

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    Re: English

    To test, try taking out the 'Sandy and' part and see which form you'd use; you'd say 'I went out for dinner' not 'Me went out for dinner' so do the same when you say 'Sandy and I'.

    As many native speakers do say 'Me and Sandy went out', more liberal grammarians would say it's not an error, while more traditional ones would and it's one area of language that leads to rather heated and inconclusive discussions. However, you're always right using 'I' for the subject and 'me' for the object:
    Sandy and I went out for dinner last night.
    He paid me and Sandy. ESL Forum - Threads Tagged with coordinated pronoun

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