Hi everyone, my name is Peter Bateman and I could really use some help in writing up my personal statement. I am trying to apply for a video production course in Bournemouth if that helps you understand my drift.

I have finally finished my Personal Statement only to find its 5 lines to many than UCAS will allow...

Please can you help me reduce what isn't needed, any help is appreciated, thanks!

Here is the text:

Ultimately, as a career I aim to become a director for TV and film. I have a love for creating comedy from every angle; writing, acting and filming. To be able to hone skills and expand my experience in uni could be a defining moment from ideas to the big silver screen. I hope to gain the knowledge to move from amateur to professional by the aid of university.

One of the first films that inspired me was the thought provoking Donnie Darko. Every aspect of story bewilders and grows on me. The shot of the camera drawing away from Donnie as he lay on the road is one that will always stick in my mind. From that moment my perception of the film changed completely – it’s tough to question whether the rest of the film is reality, or just Donnie’s over-active imagination. Flow and originality inspire me, one day I hope to create a film as in depth as this.

Within the past few months a friend and I have created a website which will host a small web series scripted over the past year called 'Petex'. The script is based around everyday life, shown in a surreal comedic way, much like the series 'Jam' or 'League of Gentlemen'. Using ideas from the theatre practitioner Bertolt Brecht, an epic theatre style of drama direction runs throughout. With twists and turns from realism to surreality, and thought provoking self-reflection in a comedic manner; I aim to create a fresh surreal look towards filming. The web is an increasingly viable market and although one day I hope to present my work on TV and in the cinema, I feel this is a good starting point in gaining notoriety.

I am currently studying A- Level photography at Chichester College. Through this subject I have gained the knowledge of aperture, depth of field, lighting and many other aspects not covered in media studies. Although primarily I would choose directing and filming over photography, people have told me I have a unique style and talent for composing and creating unique narrative. I hope to adopt this style when filming with a full manual video camera. I feel every subject I have chosen will help towards a career in the media. Drama in particular has helped me learn how to script and direct plays together with the knowledge of practitioners’ theory's. Business studies looks in depth into marketing and finance which will now help to push my work forward. Media studies has given me a base level in de-constructing both physical and electronic media from movies to news papers. As well as the written side of media, I have learnt much about editing, timing and shooting footage.

From the age of 14 I have created cartoons and videos both for fun and other people. Since then I have been using programmes such as Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, as well as Apple Final Cut Pro. Most recently I created a music video in 6th form which was applauded around the school for its “stylistic and creative feel”. By the end of this year I am targeted to receive and overall 'B' grade at A2 in Media.

Last year I attended a video exhibition in London which covered cutting edge technology together with professional workshops on Maya 3D and Adobe Premiere. I was able to view the latest hardware chroma keying and video motion tracking for mobile phones. The exhibition gave me the opportunity to talk to experienced professionals such as concept artists and video editors.

Currently in my free time I play acoustic and electric guitar with aspirations of forming my own band. Every week I have friends over to play music, and create new songs in my garage. Next year I hope to do live gigs as well as create a video portfolio with music videos and film shorts. By next year this portfolio will be available for interviews, when I hope to have the opportunity to show my work. University will be an integral part of my life. With media changing so rapidly I will need the guidance to help steer me to my future goal of being a director.