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    Red face allophones

    Hello ! I would like to ask for a complete definition of allophone . I have a test next week and I have a small definition of it , so ... I if you can help me ...I would be greatful . Thanks .

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    Re: allophones

    phoneme = contrastive/distinctive sound within a particular language (notation: /…/) Phoneme cause a change in meaning; e.g., bit sit

    allophone (also variant) = sound which counts as an alternative way of saying a phoneme in a particular language (notation: […]) Allophones do not cause a change in meaning; e.g., Banff is pronounced Ba[m]ff. The rule that is working there: /n/ is pronounced as [m], a labial, before the labial sound [f]. The rule is called Regressive Assimilation. [m] doesn't change the meaning of the word Ba[m]ff. It just changes the sound. Allophones are phonetic; they have to do with sounds changing while speech is in progress.

    See also

    From Allophone | Teaching English | British Council | BBC


    Allophones are phonetic variations - different pronunciations - of the same phoneme. Using a different allophone does not change meaning.

    The /l/ sound is pronounced differently in ‘love' and in ‘wool'. These two words contain allophones of the phoneme /l/.

    In the classroom
    It is important to be aware of what allophones and phonemes exist in other languages, as these can cause problems when learning the sounds of English. For example, the /b/ and /v/ phonemes in English are only allophones in Spanish and Spanish learners often have difficulty recognizing the difference. Discrimination activities on minimal pairs of words, distinguished only by the phonemes concerned, can help with this.
    See also What is an allophone?

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