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    Please go through my email... Thanks

    Dear Teachers and English native speakers I humbly request you to please go through with my email which is actually reply of the email I received from the Quality Control Department of my company that email is also annex in the bottom for your reference so that you can understand better and give some suggestion for appropriate reply….. Thanks in advance.

    Dear Mr. Irfan,
    Please find in following the facts in response to your queries, hope these will address your complaints at satisfactory level.
    1) As preemptive step procurement has already conveyed the supplier, and supplier already increased the size of the Window, except the size of Products e.g. Losar K, Losar Plus, Cardexan, Cabok due to unavailability of enough space for increasing window as we required.
    On this issue we have already communicated with supplier even conducted a meeting and already proposed QC Dept. to please revise the Artwork to resolve this issue.

    2) As far as mixing-up of cartons is concern our action for explanation is already submitted with supplier after when we noted so, meanwhile we were not at rest but sorted out the whole lot and observed that only 25 Pcs of Alfa-D 0.5 Mg were mixed-up with Alfa-D 0.25mg & 180 Pcs of Alfa-D 0.25 with Alfa-D 0.5mg and we have quickly noted and conveyed these figures to the supplier and on continues reminder to have their clarification.

    3) Upon our observation supplier has already informed us that some misprinting occurred in supply of Cabok 5mg tablet and we strictly commune the supplier to please ensure not such in future.
    However, I appreciate QC. Dept for such observations and would like to request them please coordinate with Procurement Dept. as per SOP’s before putting up some query so avoid to argument about issue those are already been highlighted and action being taken against, for the corrective measures.

    Yours sincerely,
    From: Irfan
    Sent: Friday, December 12, 2008 12:04 PM
    To: Asif Cc: Mukaram; Merchant; Paracha; Farooq; Faheem
    Subject: complaints
    Importance: High

    Dear Sir

    We complained various times regarding window (unglazed) area for batch coding which is very small in size despite no action has been taken yet. I also informed personally to the supplier i.e. M/S Target Packages. We have to face the problem during coding every now and then due to small size of the window (I also gave defected sample to Mr. Adnan).

    Window size is given below with request to inform the printers for future compliance:

    For tablet cartons

    For suspension / syrup

    Secondly during packing of Alfa- D 0.25mcg tablets cartons of 0.5mcg were found in same bundle (shown to Mr. Asif). Supplier was instructed to let us have the explanation as to how this problem occurred and why it was not checked during packing. Supplier was also asked to furnish their Corrective and Preventive Action in order to stave off such happening however no response has been received yet.

    Thirdly, we observed outer line for batch coding which was not required in bulk supply and supplier was asked to submit explanation but response is still awaited.
    In view of the above complaints we have developed a feeling that Procurement Department (PD) has either no grip over suppliers or there is a problem lying at a place unknown to PD. You may understand that we are going through acute pressure for productivity is halted due to wrong supplies of the materials. We therefore highly request the PD that our complaints may kindly be paid heed without delay and ensure that reoccurrence of such complaints do not happen as we have to invest too much time and energy which could easily be saved.

    Best Regards

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    Re: Please go through my email... Thanks

    I hope this will satisfactorily address your complaints.

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