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    Re: correct preposition

    Quote Originally Posted by Tan Elaine View Post
    Many thanks, RonBee, for the additional information.
    No problem.

    Here are some more examples of the use of in, on, into, and onto:
    He spit in her face.
    He hit her in the face.
    He poked her in the eye.
    She put the spoon in her mouth.
    He kissed her on the cheek.
    He touched her on the face.
    She put lotion on her face.
    He put shaving cream on his face.
    She butted into their conversation.
    He got himself into a mess.
    They got themselves into a bad situation.
    My boss asked me to look into it.
    He stepped onto the sidewalk.
    Hold onto your seat.
    I splashed water onto my face.
    I loaded the data onto a disk.

    She stepped onto the sandy beach. Then she stepped right off the sand because it was so hot.

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    Re: correct preposition

    Hi RonBee

    I deeply appreciate your helpfulness.

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    Re: correct preposition

    Thanks to elaine and moderater. I also felt that using "in our faces" would be better. Thank you once again.

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    Talking Re: correct preposition

    Hi Mr. Ronbee,
    your explanation is very informative. Thank you.

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