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    new student

    pls help me to answer thes que

    (V) Do as shown between brackets: -

    1-Ali read his story with his brothers at home. (Make questions for the underlined)

    2-It does you good to play sports. (Use “verb + ing)

    3- Run-buy-write-visit. (Put –ing)

    4-….eating too much…(Use these words at the beginning and at the end of sentences)

    5-If you see a fire, don’t waste any time. (Change the order)

    6-If I (be) you, I would (playing) tennis. (Correct)

    7-Don’t let children play with matches. (Make a stronger instruction)

    8-Never try to put out oil fires (by-with-out of-across-to) water. (Choose)

    9-Ali bought a new computer. (Change into passive)

    10-I lived in Qateef. (Change into passive)

    11-The Muslims were met by the Romans. (Active)

    12-Ask if the bell has gone. (Ask the question)

    13-Who captured Damascus from the Romans? (Tell your friend to ask this question)

    14-Have you done your homework? (Report)

    15-The food that we met is very important. (Shorten)

    16-The first army that met the advancing Arabs was the Romans army. (Take out “that”)

    17-We lived in a traditional house. (Use “used to”)

    18-Before I (buy) a car, I (went) everywhere on foot. (Correct)

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    Re: new student

    If you try to answer the questions someone will help you with your responses. We don't do work for students, we advise them on their own efforts.

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