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Thread: Seminal?

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    Seminal = highly influential in an original way?
    Make up to = suck up to?


    CHICAGO - Bill Clinton isn't sure he would have ever told his wife and daughter about his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky if Whitewater independent counsel Ken Starr hadn't uncovered it.

    Chelsea Clinton bridges the emotional gap between her parents in a seminal photo from their years in the White House.
    "I think that whether I would have ever said anything to my family or not, I don't know," Clinton said Monday in his first newspaper interview about his memoir, My Life, which is out today. "I know that I would have done my best to make it up to my family because I stopped having any kind of contact with her months and months before it ever came out. ... (Infidelity) happens to a lot of people every day, and it shouldn't have come out."
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    Re: Seminal?

    'Seminal'-- here, it just means an early photo, NH-- or perhaps if it shows an early photo of Chelsea 'helping to reconcile her parents' (I can't see the photo), it shows the beginnings of her reconciliatory powers.

    'Make it up to'-- means 'make up (to them) for it' (where 'it' is his infidelity); 'compensate, reconcile'.


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