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    personality and characteristic

    What is the diference of personality and characteristic?
    and could you give me examples of these two (adjective that describe them)?


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    Exclamation Re: personality and characteristic

    Personality reflects all the attributes of a person such as: behavioral, temperamental, emotional and mental. In other words, it is the total effect or character of a person's qualities (habits, traits, moods, attitudes, etc.)
    Example: She has a warm, lively personality.
    We also use this to describe an important or well-known person, esp. in the entertainment business: Example: She is a Hollywood personality
    Character is the combination of qualities or features that make one person, place, or thing different from others. In other words it is the general tendency of a person's behavior.
    Example: He is a man of good (bad, strong, etc.) character. She bears a good moral character.
    On the other hand, characteristics denote a special quality/trait: It is characteristic of him to say positive things

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