Hi to all, i need help checking my personal statement.Every kind of suggestion and critics is welcome, thanks to all.

What started like a children infatuation became, as I grown up, a passion. A passion for animals and their conservation. I have always known I would have chosen a career involved with wildlife and, in general, zoology.
I grown up in a farm situated in the countryside of Forlì, in Italy. Since I was young, the possibilities to be in contact with animals, even wild ones, luckily never went out and so I started feeding my passion with books, publications and visits to Natural History Museums .
So, when it was time to make my Secondary School choice, I picked up a course in Chemistry that included a strong component of Microbiology and Biology. This course helped me increasing my knowledge in many different fields. In Chemical Technologies I learnt about the importance of integration between industrial processes and environment, allowing me to take part in a project that aimed to reduce the use of pesticides in the local agricultural industry .In Microbiology, I studied interactions between all living organisms, practically and theoretically. Subject like Physical Chemistry and Chemical Analysis also helped me better understanding the world we lived in and it’s mechanical. My interest in learning English helped me archiving good results at the Esame di Stato (15 out of 15 in English Language), but more important gave me the opportunity to access publications and sages not translated in Italian, that regarded ecology and animal studies.
In 2007 my work experience from school allowed me to work as a Laboratory technician for one industry here in Romagna, the “Novacolor”. During this period I was able to apply some core skills such as: problem-solving (deciding the best way to analyze substances);numeracy (recording compounds numbers and doing the inventers) and information technology (using a computer for keeping results of lab working).
When I got my Diploma, with a score of 80 out of 100, I knew what to do: I would have followed my passion and tried to get where my knowledge and skill could have been improved even further, in order to begin working in the competitive world of animal protection.
Currently I am following one year of Foreign Languages at the Bologna University. This first university experience gave me a better understanding of a higher-level of studying, allowing me to organize my work in a really independent way. In addition to English, that I am studying in order to archiving qualification needed for begin university in the UK, I’m learning Chinese (standard Mandarin) which opened even more my horizons and I am sure will be useful for my future career.
I am also working part-time as an office worker at my father’s factory. This kind of work made me more confident in dealing with the public, even international one, and also developed my skill in the use of a different range of software (from the Office’s Package to the basics of the CAD).
Outside of the school my interest are well developed too. I practise kendo here in Bologna because I am fascinated by this martial art that holds traditions and way of thinking so much different than ours. I also go hiking very often.
Collaboration with the local WWF team in projects, such as stag and endangered bird census, taking place in one of Italy’s most beautiful natural reserve, The “Foreste Casentinesi National Park”, helped me understanding even further the importance of a good conservation policy.
I feel that I already have gained a good number of useful skills and I am looking forward the opportunity to improve them .I believe that the knowledge provided from a course focused on animal studies will lead me to a career that aims to better understand and to preserve different kind of biodiversity.