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    The use of 'at' and 'on'.

    When a person is refering to a website, my view is that the use of 'at' and 'on' is dependent on each situation. I would appreciate if a teacher could share his/her view on this.


    1) Please refer to the update ON this site.

    2) Please post this picture AT this site.
    (Or perhaps 'to' might be more appropriate? )

    I am thinking the use of 'at' is more of an action (like posting at), while the use of 'on' is more of a reference (to refer to).

    I have been seeing the use of 'at' quite a bit recently in certain publications and would like to get it right. Thank you.

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    Re: The use of 'at' and 'on'.

    My sincere apologies for my ignorance while posting my first thread.

    A non-teacher can also share his/her view here, please.


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