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    How could i know such nouns??

    i have a problem in learning nouns for famous places or people in English such as plato,aristotle.....etc.
    even nationalities.For instance ,i know that people coming from Egypt are Egyptian but if i didn't know, i would be confused. is it Egypti? Egyptian? or what???
    it's hard to look it up in the dictionary .i have an electronic translator which is great but unfortunalty,it does not accept such nouns.
    so my only chance is to know such nouns by coincidence.
    i would really appreciate any help.

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    Re: How could i know such nouns??

    I have a suggestion for you.

    First, try to speak and read English.

    Second, try searching good English resources in the Internet or this site.

    Third, there are many references and useful resources in this site.

    If you are bored with my suggestions, you can try any English books.

    Not a teacher.

    Good luck!

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