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    cover, find out,emerge

    Dear teachers,

    I have three questions to ask:

    Unlike animals we do not have a protective ________ of hair.
    a. cover b. covering
    The key is 'b'. 'a' means something put by people on something else while 'b' means something naturally cover something. Is that right?

    Well-dressed people have been ___ to get more help and cooperation from complete strangers.
    a. found out b. known
    The key is 'b'. Could you please explain why 'a' isn't correct?

    One of the earliest sciences ______ was astronomy.
    a. to emerge b. emrging c. having emerged
    The key is 'a'. But doesn't it mean something that is going to emerge? I mean 'to do' suggests future. Is that right?

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    Re: cover, find out,emerge


    1. A protective overlay, as for a mattress or furniture.
    2. Something that provides shelter.
    3. Strategic protection given by armed units during hostile action: The battleship approached the combat zone under a cover of fighter planes.
    4. Something, such as vegetation, covering the surface of the ground.
    5. Vegetation, such as underbrush, serving as protective concealment for wild animals.

    —Verb phrase 18.find out, discover or confirm the truth of (something) detect or expose, as a crime or offense.

    One of the earliest sciences to emerge (infinitive; it lacks tense) was astronomy.

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