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    please review my sop, urgent!

    As a child I saw many movies and documentaries on robots and aircrafts and was fascinated by how they work. And then I understood it's the imagination and brilliance of few people that makes them so amazing. From then I had a dream of creating and working with machines that could perform similar to humans. I never knew then if I could and will realize my dream. As I grew I tried my best to inform myself of the latest happenings in the fields of my interest. When ASIMO was unveiled in 2000 I was still in school and was intrigued by the way it resembled a human and all the things that it could do. I was amazed by how robots were used in every field-from the mars exploration rovers to robotic surgery machines in the field of life saving science, medicine.

    As my knowledge grew, so did the determination to realize my dream grew in me. The foundation was laid at my college when I chose to get into the field of engineering with computer science as my major. I saw a myriad of opportunities opening up to me. The subjects in my under graduation that interested me the most where microprocessors and interfacing, embedded systems, operating systems, computer networks, information security, neural networks, mobile communications, data mining and data warehousing and I realized how each area was interconnected to the other. Math has been one of my strong subjects from school and that helped me understand the subjects very well. Life at the college level has shoveled the innate qualities and propounded me a prospective to enrich as an individual.

    "All the power is within you; you can do anything and everything"
    - Swami Vivekananda.
    This has been a motivation all through... Apart from the academic curriculum my participation in various cultural activities and school level badminton competitions show my enthusiasm in other areas.

    I had a taste of the working environment of a team when I designed modules for the website at Lea centre for my mini project using JSP (Java Server Pages). Though it was for a short period of time I had the opportunity of applying my theoretical knowledge to a real time problem and also learnt that I could effectively communicate with people. During the project the area of networking and security interested me and led to my selecting a project related to password security in websites for the last semester.

    I look to graduate study to refine my knowledge and skills in my areas of interest. I believe it will also serve to give direction to my goal of a career as a research professional at an academic or commercial, research-oriented organization. After looking at the research done at your university, I feel that graduate study at University of Southern California will be the most logical extension of my academic pursuits and a major step towards achieving my objectives. If given an opportunity I shall strive to warm my unbridled efforts into more productive avenues and make valuable addition to my field of interest.

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    Re: please review my sop, urgent!

    airplane - count noun
    aircraft - noncount noun

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