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    Hi! I need some help with this text. Please correct any mistakes.

    Latin-american dances developed in Brazil and Cuba. In contrast to the standard dances, the latin-american ones are usually danced in open dancing posture, which enables more expressiveness for both dancers. The dances difer from one another in tehnique, temperament and in comparison with the standard dances, they also have different dresses.
    The latin-american competition dances include: samba, cha cha, rumba, tango, passo doble (which originally comes from Spain) and jive (north american origin).

    The group of standard dances is formed by five dances that are known for their unexpected and quick movements. The dances are composed by a set of dancing figures, that are performed by moving through the dance floor and are structurated in such a way that the dance couple can show all of their dancing abilities. The dances require a special dancing posture, special tehnique of movement and the unity of the dancing couple. The standard dances are usually performed in the so called closed posture, where the body is upright. These standard dances are: English waltz, tango, Viennese waltz, slowfox and quickstep.
    There are certain dress codes for the competitors. Women must always wear their hair tied back and men have to have a parting. The splendour of the dresses increases with the categories and so does the height of the heals of the dancing shoes.
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