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    Course where students produce videos

    Hi there,

    I'm preparing to write a three week optional English course where students create their own videos. The course will be 22.5 hours in total for Intermediate and above level students. Thatís a ninety minute lesson, Monday to Friday, for three weeks.

    The idea is that by working collaboratively and on solo video projects students will be actively engaged in the learning process. My hope is that the course will be "Education through construction" where students are immersed in the design, scripting, shooting and production of their own work. I become a facilitator, whereas the students are the ones driving the learning.
    Ideally we'd have some impressive and creative pieces of work to showcase at the end.

    Has anyone done anything like this before? Are there examples of lessons plans, videos or syllabi that incorporate this sort of approach? At the moment I'm researching the concept so I'd really welcome any suggestions, advice or help you might have.

    My initial ideas were for:

    A video diary: This would document some of their experiences of living abroad and learning the English language. The content could be video, mobile phone footage, pictures and voiceover.

    A group TV News programme with on the scene reporters and studio guests.

    Thanks Guys.

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    Re: Course where students produce videos

    Any ideas here?

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