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    The best friend

    I have 3 questions involving in the next passage

    The first auto mechanic I visited gave me an estimate on repairs for my car. "That sounds fine," I replied. "But I also intend to get an estimate from the mechanic down the street." "Well," the man replied, "I can't say anything against him. He's the best friend I've got." Surprised at the friendly competition, I got the second estimate. When I returned to the first repair shop, the mechanic greeted me with a smile. "He doubled my bid for labor, didn't he? I told you he's the best friend I've got."

    1. I would like to know the meaning of the next sentence.
    "I can't say anything against him. He's the best friend I've got."

    2. I would like to know if the next sentence is correct.
    Surprised at the friendly competition = Because I was surprised at the friendly competition

    3. I would like to know why the above passage is a joke.

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    Re: The best friend

    The joke is that the first mechanic thinks that the second mechanic is his best friend because he knows that he, the 2nd, will ask a higher price and that the client will come back.

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