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    What mean 'knickers/stroppy knickers'?


    I'm a Spanish girl that is in England and I have problems with the two following phrases that recently I have listened and answered:

    (a flatmate (girl) to all of those who were about to go out) 'You got your knickers on? (I said that I don't wear knickers and the girl started laughing of me - why??:S)
    (the same flatmate to me) 'don't be such a stroppy knickers'

    I have problems to understand these expressions,



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    Re: What mean 'knickers/stroppy knickers'?

    They laughed because Kickers is a word for women's underwear!

    In England we also call them pants, but be careful because pants means trousers in North American English.

    Kickers, pants, underwear - all these words refer to the same thing in British English: female underwear (the bottom half).

    Stroppy knickers could mean becoming unecessarily upset and being moody. It means stroppy.

    We have another idiom in England which involves the words knickers:
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    Re: What mean 'knickers/stroppy knickers'?

    OH NO! I feel so ashamed!! I didn't know that 'knickers' mean 'underwear'. I always wear knickers!! Is it correct to say 'I got my knickers in a twist'?

    A lot of the times I've heard this word...




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