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    Question What type of Noun is 'smell'?

    I cant seem to find a definite answer to this question anywhere. Is it a concrete or proper noun?

    Please dont reply with strange things like 'can you smell a smell' as this doesnt help at all.

    I know the definitions of proper and concrete nouns but still cannot figure it out.

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    Re: What type of Noun is 'smell'?

    Here's your evidence: a smell does indeed smell. That tells us the noun smell is a concrete noun. That is, you can experience it by using one of your 5 senses.

    Nouns name people, places, and things. One class of nouns is concrete. You can experience this group of nouns with your five senses: you see them, hear them, smell them, taste them, and feel them.

    The Concrete Noun

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