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    Reading comprehension about CDs

    Please read this following short passage:

    Compact discs (CDs) have revolutionized the music industry with their surprisingly realistic sound. The six-inch discs look like thin plastic sandwiches with aluminum in the center. They have digitally recorded material that is read by laser beams, so the sound has none of the cracking of vinyl records. CDs are also virtually indestructible, and they are lighter and smaller than conventional records (LPs). Since their introduction, CDs have become more affordable and widely available. In fact, they are now sold in electronics and video stores that havenít formally carried records or cassettes.
    Question: The main appeal of CDs is their........
    A. price B. availability C. sound D. size
    I think the answer is C, noticing the phrase "their surprisingly realistic sound" in the first sentence. But my teacher says that the answer is D. What do you think about this?

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    Re: Reading comprehension about CDs

    I must agree with you. The article mentions size twice, but doesn't make a big thing of it, whereas "sound" is mentioned twice and both times in a positive way.

    buggles(not ateacher)

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