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    Smile Pronunciation Excercises

    Do you have any tips or suggestions/ excercises for pronunciation? I have tried browsing the net and usually the materials are more fit for native speakers rather than for those who are not from an English speaking country...

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    Re: Pronunciation Excercises

    (I am not a teacher) The problem with the pronunciation of English is that there are many accents. If you are looking to study pronunciation, there are many examples out there to emulate (movies, TV, Youtube videos, etc.) My suggestion is to watch American newscasters and emulate their accents and pronunciation. The reason I say this is that, generally, newscasters are educated, they are required to have good pronunciation, and US newscasters for the most part do not have strong regional accents.

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    Re: Pronunciation Excercises

    I made a website that I hope will help speakers of another language learn an American accent. There are videos (samples and how-to's) that explain each sound in American English, and there is a blog that addresses a variety of issues, from specific words to the practice of sounds, with some blogs containing clips of pronunciation lessons I have given to non-native speakers. Feedback and questions on the site are welcomed!


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