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    Talking How to call this kind of dish?

    Hi ,, Would you tell me...

    How to call the dish you eat when you drink alcohol ?
    Do you have any noun for this kind of food?
    Should I say.. side dish?

    A: Would you like a drink?

    B: Let's have some wine together.

    A: Ok, I will bring it but sorry I don't have side dish.

    B: No, worry. I don't need that, let's Just drink wine.

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    Re: How to call this kind of dish?

    "Side dish" usually refers to something you eat in addition to your main dish. English makes do with general terms like 'finger-food' [=food that you don't need cutlery to eat] for drinks that go with alcohol, or 'savouries' (as such food is never sweet). Informally, people use the word 'nibbles': 'We won't be serving a sit-down meal, but there'll be plenty of nibbles'.

    English is increasingly borrowing the Spanish word tapas.


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