Hello~ Happy Christmas~

If you have time,, would you help me with saying this naturally please?

Jhon: Didn't you say you got curfew by 7PM? It's almost 7PM, man.

Sam: Oh, my. I will be histoy if I'm late again.

Jhon: ⓐI will give you a drive.
ⓑLet me give you a dirve.

Jhon's Mom: Where are you going? Dinner is ready.

Sam: ⓐSam is pressed for time.
ⓑSam is running out of time.
I'm going to give him a drive and come back.
Leave some food for me Mom.

There are one more question...
Mom every morning go to school with kid because she worry about her kid lose its way. But Mom doesn't have a car so they walk to get school.
Can the Mom say :

I give my kid a dirve to school every morning.
I take my kid school every morning.