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    Find and correct mistakes

    The task is to find and correct all the mistakes in the following passage.
    Underlined words are my findings.
    Solar energy is a long last source of energy which could be used almost anywhere. To generate solar energy, we only need solar cells and a sun! Solar cells can easily be installed in house roofs, so no new space is needed and each user can quietly generate the own energy. Compared with other renewable sources, they possess also many advantages: wind and water power relies on turbines which are noisy, expensive and easily to break down. Solar cells are totally silent and none pollution. As they have no moving parts, they require little maintenance and have a long lifetime.

    And please check if I've found all the mistakes and correct them right
    long last --> long-lasting
    could --> can
    a --> the
    in --> on
    the --> their
    with --> to (I'm not sure about this because I feel "compared with" and "compared to" are the same")
    possess also --> also possess
    easily --> easy
    none pollution --> none-polluting

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    Re: Find and correct mistakes

    You did a good job. I would change "also possess" tp just "possess," also, I would change, "wind and water power relies..." to "wind and water power rely..." Finally, I would change "none polluting" to "non-polluting."

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    Re: Find and correct mistakes

    Thank you very much.
    By the way, can you tell me the difference between "compared to" and "compared with"

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