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    I have two questions in this context and I was wondering if someone could have a look for me.

    1. appointments
    I found two definition for "appointments" in the dictionary - 1) the choice of somebody for a job. 2) somebody who has been appointed for a job.
    I think they are both suitable for this context, so... then which one do you think is better?

    2. "cutting"
    What does "cutting" mean here? Since the word "cutting" is in quotes, I am not sure what it exactly means in this context. (I mean, if "cutting" is not in quotes, I can find definiton in the dictionary. But "cutting" is in quotes in this case, so is there another special meaning for "cutting" here?)

    Thanks for your help.

    M1: ... ... Two thousand years ago, the practice of improvisation was widespread among the ancient Greeks. The Greeks based their improvisations on what we might call "stock melodies" - a collection of tunes known by all musicians. In sixteenth-century Italy, organist had contests for improvising. The ability to improvise in a fugal style - seveal melodies going at the same time - was a standard requirement for all appointments to organ positions. So, these "cutting" contests were like job interviews.
    M2: Didn't some of the early jazz musicians have those kinds of contests, too?
    ... ...

    You can find the full script here: Page 640, question 1 through 5, Listen to a discussion in a music history class.
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    Re: appointments

    1) the choice of somebody for a job.
    what jazz musicians call "cutting contests": pitting the improvisational abilities of musicians against each other

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