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    mail to the manager

    I have recently found out about a software-training program offered at my company that I believe will increase my productivity at work.
    I would like to attend this program and will need five days away from my current duties to attend the program.
    Help me how to
    Write an e-mail to my manager, xyz, asking permission to attend the course.

    Be sure to be specific about how and why you believe this will help you. (You can invent any details not present in the scenario.) You must try to make a good case why you should be allowed to take this, and should consider how you can best persuade your manager.

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    Re: mail to the manager

    This seems like a homework assignment.

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    Re: mail to the manager

    ya, I need your help to build this. Pls...

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    Plz check the mail and correct for any errors grammar, punctuation, etc

    Sub: Advanced ABAP Training – Permission Request.

    Dear XYZ,

    Advanced ABAP Training aimed at enhancing Web-dynpro knowledge for Resources at my level is scheduled from 12.29.2008 to 01.05.2009.

    I intend to attend the training for the following purposes:

    • To improve my skill set on OOPS concepts and coding knowledge on Web-dynpro in order to support the client’s day-to-day issues

    • There are few tickets/issues pending at our end on Web-dynpro coding. This training will help me solve the web-dynpro issues independently.

    Please nominate me to attend.

    Thanks & Regards,


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    Re: mail to the manager

    That seems about right. You seem perfectly capable of doing your own homework without assistance.

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