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    How + Adjective in Questions

    Hello again,
    I have some questions about the use of how + adjective.
    a) How big/small (can I use either)? How big/small is your house?

    b) How early/late (How early do you go to bed? / How late do you go to bed?)
    I think both forms are correct, the translation will always be: Qual o tamanho/ Qual o horário. Is it right?

    c) If I want to say: Qual o tamanho de seu cabelo, which is the correct form:
    * How long is your hair?
    * How big is your hair?
    * What is the size of your hair?

    d) Is ir right to say: "The gas has finished"


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    Re: How + Adjective in Questions

    (a) Yes, but the unmarked form is 'how big'. If you say 'how small', you must already have an idea that it is smaller than standard.

    (b) Yes, both OK, but again, the unmarked (objective / noncommital) form is 'how late'.

    (c) I don't read Portuguese (is that Portuguese?-- I know, we've had this conversation before, but I have forgotten already, Emanuelli. What is the definition of a unilingual?-- an American!); however, the only reasonable choice is 'how long is your hair?'

    (d) I don't understand, so it must be wrong. 'We're out of gas'?
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