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    Talking Iím going to fink mom?

    Hello~ Would you help me with saying this naturally please?

    A: Hey, Mom told you do not pass 9PM. Itís over 11PM now.

    B: Shush, thatís way Iím coming in from window.

    A: ⓐIím going to fink mom.
    ⓑIím going to tip off mom.
    ⓒIím going to report mom.
    ⓓIím going to tell off mom.

    B: Donít! You finked her last time, thatís why my curfew become 9PM.
    It used to be 10PM man. Itís all because of you!

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    Re: Iím going to fink mom?

    Quote Originally Posted by flytothesky View Post
    B: Shush! Thatís why Iím coming in the window.
    I'm going to tell mom!


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