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    I've recently realized that I myself feel awfully bored whenever I have to do a round-table talk in class. Formerly I was very enthusiastic about discussing things, and probably it passed to the students, and we had very interesting discussions, sometimes turning even into heated debates. Now I'd rather explain a piece of grammar and make them do a couple of exercises than listen to them talking whatever the subject may be. I think it's not only about English. I imagine I'd feel the same way if we spoke our native language. Has anybody experienced anything of the kind?

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    Re: boredom


    My solutions:
    - Get them talking about something you genuinely know nothing about, e.g. something about their country, job, hobbies or local area
    - Imaginative stuff like lying games (Call My Bluff etc) and storytelling (Fairytale Dominoes from Intermediate Communication Games etc)
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    Re: boredom

    I agree with Alex. If a topic bores you, it will probably bore them. But, find things you really want to know. I don't know your situation, but I live in Germany and have a list of new questions about Germany all the time: there are so many regional stereotypes to explore, or to learn what they think about. . . whatever. I tell them I have a problem (car accident last Wednesday) and ask what I should do. They're thrilled to be helpful, to show off what they know, and to 'use' their English for more than a 'classroom exercise.'

    The trick will be finding things you can be enthusiastic about, and conveying that enthusiasm.

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