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    Please correct this sentence

    Dear Teacher,

    I have come across the following sentence:

    The Secretary would distribute the free books from the Guangzhou University to relevant children homes on need-basis per Chairman's suggestion.

    Grateful if you would advise (a) whether it is necessary to add "a" before "need-basis" and "as" before "per Chairman's suggestion"; and (b) Is it proper to begin a sentence with "Per Chairman's suggestion, the Secretary..."?

    Thank you so much for your advice!

    With best regards,

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    Re: Please correct this sentence

    I'm still stuck on "relevant children homes," frankly. First, it should be "children's homes" - but what is that "relevant" stuff?

    And as for the need thing it is more commonly stated as "on an as-needed basis" and yes, "as per the Chairman's suggestions" would be fine, although the "as" is not really required here.

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