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    Dissertation Help

    I am currently doing a Film and Media Course in Manchester, i am doing my 12000 word dissertation on the Terminator (Not yet picked a specific area, can be all or focused on one). This is my problem i dont know what i should pick. I really have no idea where to start and am annoying myself trying to pick. The idea that i have come up with would be something like the success of the terminator but then i think it would be hard to get all that information on such a topic. Then i thought of a possible comparison but then i thought, what comparison?

    Would be good if you could maybe try and point me in some kind of direction.

    Thanks for reading,


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    Re: Dissertation Help

    Are you saying that you want to write a dissertation on the movie, The Terminator, (the Arnold Schwarzneggar series)?

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    Re: Dissertation Help

    No not really i have not yet decided im trying to look for things that i could possibly write about as im stuck for ideas where to start. It can be anything really, im just looking for something challenging so i am not stuck for things to look for and write about

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