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    Question 2 general questions

    Would you please describe me why these following answers are wrong or correct?

    1- Before the denotation of an atomic bomb, never----------

    a) had an explosion of such power taken place
    b) there had been an explosion of such power

    Why is b wrong?

    2- The first clock----------was invented in the mid-fortheen century.

    a) to be historically recorded
    b) that recorded historically

    Why does to(infinitive) come after "the first clock"? And, why is b incorrect?

    Best regards,

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    Re: 2 general questions

    B is wrong in the first statement because it should have read as:
    "had there been an explosion of such power"
    The "there had" needed to be switched around.

    For the second statement, the infinitive comes after "the first clock" because, as you can notice, without the infinitive, the sentence makes perfect sense.
    B is again incorrect because the option should have read as:
    "that was recorded historically" since "The first clock that recorded historically ..." doesn't make much sense.

    Hope that helps :]

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