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    chapel path - exact meaning?

    Good afternoon,
    I am going through The Wishing Game by Patric Redmond and sometimes I am not completely sure about meaning of some of his expressions. However, I am sure it is because of my gaps in English or not fully developed English "feeling". Here is one example:
    "....The school returned to its feet and began to file out; house by house, row by row, each boy turning and nodding respectfully towards the altar before marching up the aisle and out into the crispness of the autumn morning.
    They marched along the chapel path towards the main school building; boys in smart blue blazers emblazoned with the scool crest;...."
    I thing that this chapel path is outside the chapel and it is a sort of pavement leading to/from the chapel. Am I right?
    Thanks for explanations,

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    Re: chapel path - exact meaning?

    Yes that's right, the chapel path would be a paved path leading from the chapel to and from the main school buildings.

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