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    remake of a complex sentense in several odd sentences

    Dear teachers.

    Would you be kind enough to remake the following sentence from the George MacDonald’s “Donal Grant” as well as to reproduce it as several odd sentences? The sentence in question is a bit incomprehensible for me especially at its end.

    He would gladly have told his friend the cobbler all about the strange occurrence; but he did not feel sure it would be right to carry a report of the house where he held a position of trust; and what made him doubtful was, that first he doubted whether the cobbler would consider it right.

    Thank you for your efforts.



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    Re: remake of a complex sentense in several odd sentences

    Although the context you've presented is limited, here's my attempt:

    He would have explained the occurance to the cobbler. However he did not feel it would be right to disclose information relating to the house at which he worked.

    His intial doubts (of the correctness of such an action) came from his expectation of how the cobbler would react to his betraying what was expected of him (adherence to the position of trust).

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