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    Why does the time go backward and forward?

    I noticed something and I want to tell you about it. I am not trying to pick up mistakes, but I know that it is accompanied with the changing of the forum. Whenever I post a reply or a new topic,the date of the reply appeared to be a month or two late, however it is ok as it remains in the same year. The broplem with posts or replies made on my comment or on other's posts the date appeared to be on the year 2002. I just want the best for this website.

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    Re: Why does the time go backward and forward?

    They're probably older threads from the old forum. I believe a few dates got messed up when we moned the old threads into the new program.

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    Re: Why does the time go backward and forward?

    Just take a look at our previous massages that it was on this same issue. Is not nice. I feel like I talking to people from the past. I think I am just recalling one of the movies I have seen long ago. It was about letters exchanged by two persons one was in the past and the other one in the present.

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