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    the proper usage of the verb "visit"

    Happy New Year and good wishes for the teachers and learners on the forum.

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to explain to me the usage of the verb “visit” especially the spaciality bound up with its transitive or intransitive form?

    I know and take for granted the following usage of the verb in question:
    I was really pleased that they came to visit me.
    A recent trip to London gave me the opportunity to visit the Science Museum.
    The building inspector is visiting the new housing project.
    I am putting up with following usage:
    Why don't you kids play outside while we visit with each other?
    I visited her with several friends.
    I take also for gospel truth the usage of prasal verbs below:
    God's wrath will be visited on sinners.
    The Lords anger was visited on the people.
    But I cannot accept the following usage:
    The President’s first trip abroad would be to visit with troops in Iraq.

    In my humble opinion the last sentence is a wrong statement. I as a former military man know what are the implications of the term “go on an inspection tour”. (that is not like “to rap with someone”).

    Thank you for your efforts.



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    Re: the proper usage of the verb "visit"

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