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  1. Mrs. N

    noun phrase

    Hi teacher
    how are you ?

    I have question about the part of noun phrase

    when we say e.g " boy plays football"

    here we that the subject is the boy & we call it also " participant"
    my question is "what are the other type of paticipant = non-huaman , place ????????????????
    ( in this example its a human participant)

    Thank alot

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    Re: noun phrase

    Would these help?

    -- A participant which the meaning of the verb specifies as doing or causing something, possibly intentionally. Examples: subjects of kill, eat, hit, smash, kick and em watch.

    -- A participant which the verb characterises as having something happen to it, and as being affected by what happens to it. Examples: objects of kill, eat and smash but not those of watch, hear and love.

    -- A participant who is characterised as aware of something. Examples: subject of love or object of annoy.

    -- A participant which is characterised as changing its position or condition, or as being in a state or position. Examples: objects of give and hand, subjects of walk and die.

    -- The thematic role associated with the NP expressing the location in a sentence with a verb of location. Examples: subjects of keep, own, retain and know and locative PPs.

    -- Object from which motion proceeds. Examples: subjects of buy and promise, objects of deprive, free and cure.

    -- Object to which motion proceeds. Examples: subject of receive and buy, dative objects of tell and give.

    Thematic Roles

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