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    Re: what about this?

    Quote Originally Posted by ho0opy View Post
    Ok what about the grammar is it correct?
    Not really. It does in fact require some interpretation.

    Another reason I love to travel during the vacation . I enjoy to visit another country or city .
    When you are on vacation you like to travel to another country or city.

    I love to see their antiquity and I like to eat in their restaurant with my relative .
    You like to look at old houses and eat in restaurants with your sister. Or brother. Or cousin. (The word "relative" doesn't narrow it down much.)

    Also before I move from that country I like to buy from their stores because I love to remembers that amazing time when I come back to my country.
    Before you come home you like to buy something from one of the shops to bring home with you.

    The main reason that I enjoy of my vacation is that we have a lot of wedlock parties .
    You enjoy your vacation mainly because when you are on vacation you go to a lot of weddings? Wedding receptions?

    I like to go to all that parties because I spend very happy time with all people who I know . I can not imagine my life without exciting vacation.
    You like to go to all those parties because you have a very happy time with all the people you know. You cannot imagine your life without having exciting vacations.

    How did I do?

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    Re: what about this?

    thank you so much
    I do know what can I say to you RonBee and bhaisahab
    but really thank you from my heart

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    Re: what about this?

    If it is from your heart, that is all that is required my friend.

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