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  1. Unregistered

    Really English and correct

    I need three sentences corrected and I hope you will help me out. I want them to sound really English and to be really correct grammar vise (because the text will be read by many).

    Dear visitors, in agreement with B and upon his request ZBM's official website will close down. Thanks to everybody who had been visiting it for the past five years. Continue supporting our dear B and and his club P.

    M, site's webmaster

  2. TheMadBaron

    Re: Really English and correct

    Not bad. There's really nothing wrong with it as it is (except for one 'and' too many in the last sentence, which I'm sure is just a typo).

    I can't help but meddle, though!

    Dear visitors,
    In accordance with B's request, ZBM's official website is to be closed down. Thanks to everyone who has visited it over the last five years.
    Please continue to support our dear friend B and his club P.
    M, site webmaster.

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