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  1. srinivas123

    Smile help needed to improve my english

    Dear all,

    I am master student, currently studying in Germany. I come from India. I have problems in sentence formation (most of the time I use complex sentence to express something rather than simpler ones) and I also have problem in speaking fluently (decreases my confidence level) and the same with the writing too.

    I have to face interviews for my jobs from 6 months now, so I have to improve my english standard. Please put your ideas. Thanks for your time..


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    Re: help needed to improve my english


    We are here to help you and help each other as well. I am sure you can improve your knowledge of English if you get in touch with us as many times as possible. That is the proper and common way to develop and improve your English. So, let`s talk!

    First advice: Listen to English and American TV programmes as much as possible: BBC, CNN, movies, talk shows, etc.

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