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    Advice required.

    Hello there,

    Having just started teaching English in Peru i have found out that my grammar is pretty poor. I mean i know it, being a native speaker but find it hard to explain. Any good books out there for 'beginners' like myself?

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    Re: Advice required.

    Cambridge University Press, Raymond Murphy, English Grammar in Use. It is excellent.

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    Re: Advice required.

    Dear Incawill:

    I have sometimes felt the same lack of formal grammar rules and terminology as you describe. Most of my language knowledge was of the 'learned it at Mother's knee' sort, until I began teaching English to both native and non-native English speakers.
    This site is a wonderful source of grammar knowledge. Reading lots of posts and their responses here can be very useful.

    Also, there are many sites on the Web for grammar learning. One I like is:

    Home page, The Writing Centre.

    Other universities have sites for the improvement of reading, grammar, research skills, etc., too. I find them more useful than any particular books I can think of (and they're free!)

    If you have access to a good bookstore or library, you may find just the right text for you, but it's been my experience that as I teach, I am forced to master the rules, lingo, and the ability to create good examples for my students. 'Grammar' is a huge topic, but if you take a pragmatic approach and learn what you need to stay one step ahead of your students , you'll do just fine.

    I hope this is helpful,


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