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    Please help me correct my SOP!

    My objective is to be a lecturer and a scientist to contribute more to my university and country. Since young, I have realized gradually that the key to the development of a country was the high advantage of science and technology. Therefore, I decided to apply into Hanoi University of Technology (HUT) - one of the best technical universities in Viet Nam. As you see in my application form, I have studied in the Department of Industrial Automation, Faculty of Electrical Engineering at HUT. Having accomplished the Bachelorís degree since June 2008, I believe that my good results reflect my strong ability in continuing a higher education.

    My Background
    In class, I have been very interested in Mathematics and Automatic Control Theory, which subjects I got exceptionally high scores. During that period, I myself practiced and became skilled at designing circuit boards. I also can program dsPIC microcontroller in C programming language and work with some type of Programmable Logic Controllers.

    To improve the technical knowledge and research experience, I have not only concentrated in academic theory but also tried to put my ideals into practice. That why I decided to take part in the project: design the control system for a DC motor as my final thesis project. I was responsible for making a feedback controller in order to regulate the speed of the DC motor and keep it adhere to the setpoint. For solution to this, I managed to make a digital controller in which a dsPIC 30F4012 microcontroller offered by Microchip was the main component. The microcontroller would implement by PID rude to calculate the proper outputs basing on previous inputs, including the set value, the true value of the speed and the armature current of the motor. After nearly four moths, I completed the task successfully. The system is now being set at the Automation Laboratory of HUT and used as an experimental instrument.

    My Interested Fields
    The fist successes to control motor give me an aspiration to investigate intensely in this area. I want to do research about methodologies to regulate the speed and position of motor, from simple PID to modern techniques. This area is also proper to my current research in graduate school of HUT. However, I do not want to stop at control motor. In further research, I am interested in the fied of Control Systems. In my opinion, regulating motor is much more valuable if it can be widely applied to manufactures. It is only one in numerous tasks required in a manufacture system. Therefore, I have a desire to understand deeply how to integrate all individual pieces into a complex system. This task plays an important role in every modern plant. Nevertheless, it is still a new area in most of universities and Viet Nam industry as well.

    Since I was broadly trained in Electrical Engineering, you may find me more suitable in other areas, rather than what I have mentioned. If that is the case, your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Your University Is Ideal
    ABC is the oldest, one of the most prestigious universities in W and a renowned university in the world. About CS Laboratory (CSL), I acquired information through various ways. Its large number of publications, well-equipped facilities and international academic environment indeed impresses me. Moreover, I am so happy to find that the research topics of CS are perfectly suitable for my interested fields, both in research skill as well as in experience.

    Having opportunity to study in the stimulating academic atmosphere of CSL, it would be an invaluable chance for me to achieve my life goals, becoming an outstanding researcher and a lecturer. I know that admission into the Master program of ABC in general and CSL in particular is very competitive, but I believe that I am a suitable candidate. Therefore, I sincerely hope that you will make serious consideration to my application.
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