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    Factors that lead to great achievements of great men

    Please give me some advice on my essay below.

    In the history about our society, many great individuals have great endurance or ability to achieve their ambition. What is your opinion? What are the factors that lead to great achievements? Write a paragraph of about 200 words.

    Our history has seen a good deal of great individuals, who are so influential that they have changed the world. They may be scientists, socialists, writers or doctors. They may be American, English, French or Russian. No matter how different they are, however, they all have some factors in common that have made them great men.
    The most important factor is ambition. Having ambition means setting goals for life and doing anything at all costs to achieve them. Therefore, in other words, ambition is motivation for working. Once they have gained a certain success, they will work out a further target simply because they are ambitious.
    Another indispensable cause of their grand achievements is their great endurance. There is no smooth way to success. To succeed, our great men have to experience lonely feelings, many failures or even hostile attitudes of people. They have to work hard in any situation. If they gave up, they would not be great individuals. But because they have the power to withstand those severities, they have finally overcome every hardship to attain their ambition.
    Finally, great individuals must have various abilities to cope with different difficulties. A creative and intelligent mind helps them find ways and chances to succeed. Spreading correct viewpoints on which they insist to people helps them win a wide range of support. Wide scope of knowledge is also essential for great men to get any information they need.
    In conclusion, to be a great individual requires many virtues. It is not an easy progress at all. Thus, we must admire them, first for their merits, then for their great achievements.
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