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Topic: Advances in technology and science have solved many problems. However, they have also created new problems. Discuss some of the new problems caused by technological advancement and give your opinion on how they should be dealt with.

Technology and science, since booming in the early 20th century, have played an important role in our life. They have solved many problems and brought us many conveniences. However, they have also created new problems such as culture losing and depravity. Among them, pollution problems must be first dealt with.
Air pollution may be considered the severest. The greenhouse effect originating from increased industrial activity has brought about changes in global climate, imbalance in ecology, diseases, forest fires Ö., all of which are disasters to human life. Besides, toxic gases from industrial manufacture have directly harmed health of human, animals and other creatures on earth.
Many factories releasing untreated waste water into rivers and seas have resulted in perilous water pollution. Recently, there has been a prosecution against Vedan company of deliberately polluting Thi Vai river. Vedanís violations have made the river a deadly environment. Not only can no marine creatures live in but wellness of people living around this dirty poisonous river has been affected as well.
The last problem of pollution is soil pollution. Noxious chemicals from product manufacture and product consumption are discharged into soil. Because of such poisons, plants are unable to grow or carry toxicants with them. When people and animals eat these plants, they are likely to be infected, even be killed.
In conclusion, problems caused by technological advancement, especially pollution, must be dealt with immediately. We must take action at once to defend us from these dangers. First of all, each individual must be aware of these problems, of pollution in particular. Then, the government must have appropriate policies to restrict bad impacts of technology and science and to educate people about them. Lastly, and perhaps the most effective measure, we have to develop technology and science more and more, to replace products which are still somehow harmful with those having no evil effects.