Dear All,

I am applying for Master of Engineering in Aerospace. However, my background is in Electrical Engineering. I spent too much time writing this 500 words limited essay. I need your opinion as the deadline for recieving applications is coming soon. I did my best to cut out words and now it is 498 words! Any help is appreciated either in the language or the content.

University Directions:
Please attach a statement of no more than 500 words discussing why you have chosen to do graduate work in the program to which you have applied. This is not a detailed research proposal but could indicate your particular research interests and/or professional goals. If you have already begun work in the field, please indicate the progress and the future direction of your work.

Dear the admissions committee members,

I have the pleasure to write this letter to express my intent to join the Master of Aerospace Engineering program. I have a bachelor of Engineering from XX University and a postgraduate diploma from the XX Institute in XX(Country).

My undergraduate studies included many subjects from the mechanical engineering department. I enjoyed these subjects and I had good grades in them. I also read many Aerospace textbooks as a personal interest. Some of the books I read are "Introduction to Flight" by John D. Anderson and "Aerodynamics for Engineering Students" by EL Houghton.

I was encouraged by my professors to continue with further studies during my postgraduate diploma in which I had excellent grades. Meanwhile, I read about the Aerospace industry in XX(City) and the M.Eng. programs given by the universities there. The Industrial Stage is one of the best features in these programs as it gives a good experience in one of the leading participating companies. After going through all the programs' courses and specializations, I believe that the program given at XX University is the most suitable for me. The excellent reputation of XX(university name) in the engineering field has encouraged me more.

During my current job at XX(company), I gained a very good experience in the CAD Tools industry. XX is a multinational company that provides tools and services for universities and industrial organizations conducting research in the field of Micro-Electromechanical Systems. MEMS and Aerospace are similar in many ways. Engineers in both fields study similar subjects and they use the same tools. I have gained a long experience in many CAD and FEM tools like AutoCAD and ANSYS. Among the various research-based projects I worked on, I was interested mainly in two fields, namely, Model Order Reduction and Meshing. I had the opportunity of reading several technical papers in both domains. I hope in the future that I do more research in subjects like adaptive mesh generation and CFD.

During my four years of working experience, the best skill I gained is to gather information needed under lack of resources. I had once a project with poor official documentation in which I had to do a lot of experimental work and contact other professionals to be able to finish this task accurately and on time. I also had the opportunity of dealing with customers from all over the world, especially during my course in XX(Country) in 2008. I met many professors and researchers. I also visited XX University and I believe that studying there and living in XX(City) will develop my quantitative skills.

My future plans after finishing this program is to gain a good experience in the Aerospace industry in one of the leading companies. I would like to work in an R&D department where I can work in a research-based project. Part of my ambition is gaining a PhD.

Thank you for your time and for considering my request. I am looking forward to hearing back from you positively regarding my application.


Many thanks in Advance,