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    Lessons with mnemonic techniques (teaching vocabulary)

    Hello, I need a help from someone who is familiar with mnemonic techniques in teaching vocabulary (English). I have to make 2 lessons including 2 techniques. I have problems with choosing the best techniques that can be intresting for students in primary school (upper classes). I need these lessons for my thesis toBachelor's Degree. Please for help. Student.

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    Re: Lessons with mnemonic techniques (teaching vocabulary)

    Though I am not a certified English teacher, I regularly use these basic premises of mnemonics:

    a) Visualize the word

    Pronounce each syllable as it appears. This step is the initial mnemonic link.
    b) Synthesize the word

    Pronounce the syllables as one word. Examples;

    business Seems to read as buss-ee-ness
    island Seems to read as iss-land
    and candle Seems to read as cand-lee

    But since we know the correct pronunciation,

    c) Utilize the word

    I own a candle making business.
    Candle making is none of your business.
    Island candle making is tough business.

    Using the word in different contexts is an essential part of memory saturation.

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