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    Task: You have joined an action group working with the police to improve the safety of your neighbourhood. The police have asked the group for a written proposal outlining measures that could be taken to improve safety and suggesting how they could be funded and implemented.

    I consider that to ensure security and safety of the community must be made through a series of measures to be implemented properly.
    To ensure the achievement of the police and the community was established Police of Proximity.
    In this regard, besides the powers that holds, it’s necessary to perform tasks to ensure safety and proper development of the people. The police must seek to prepare periodic reports and information in order to establish priorities for the next period, in order to eliminate bottlenecks and insurance activity in the best conditions.
    So, the hierarchical superiors should supervise and monitor the implementation of the Police of Proximity. Then, the Police of Proximity should establish priority directions of police activity. For example, ensuring transparency of activities, proximity to citizens and the possibility that people can have access to public information, helps to increase the level of security assurance people.

    The Police of Proximity should ensure the preservation of public order and safety in the neighborhoods, to protect citizens who live in those places, and also in public places like markets, stadiums, commercial spaces.

    Police of Proximity should organize meetings with representatives of civil society in order to maintain continuous contact with the citizens, to know their problems and try to resolve as soon as possible. Is necessary to increase actions to prevent and stop the crimes in public places like vagabondage, theft, prostitution and others.

    In the same time, the police must seek and take into account the recommendation, opinions and suggestions made by civil society to be as close to citizens.

    The communication between the police and the beneficiaries of the activities that they do like developing citizens, nongovernmental organizations, institutions and authorities of public administration is facilitated by the implementation of a web page for the each Police of Proximity’s Department from the neighborhood.

    The police together with public authorities should provide street lighting at night, and should ensure the presence of police patrols in neighborhoods, both during the day, but especially at night, to ensure citizens safety while they are resting.

    The financing of these possible measures can be realized through various funds from the City Council or the County Council, or in co-financing with other public or private legal persons. Also, the implementation of these reforms may be possible by obtaining sponsorship or donations from some private or public persons.

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    Task: You have joined an action group working
    Class assignment?

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