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    reward, recompense, requite, remunerate

    Dear teachers,

    I know the sentence: “Big contributors to compaign are generally rewarded with importants posts-in politics money talks.”

    Would you be kind enough to tell me whether I am on the right track with my wording in the following sentence?

    He was rewarded for his Herculian effort.

    What is your opinion on the usage of “recompensed” or “requited” or “remunerated” in the place of “rewarded”?

    Thank you for your efforts.



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    Re: reward, recompense, requite, remunerate

    Hi Vil

    He was rewarded for his Herculian effort.
    In this case, "his" expenditure is not necessarily measured in monetary terms, but in physical/mental effort - "rewarded" is therefore appropriate.

    “recompensed” - I would use in the context of being "kept whole" on any money expended - i.e. if it cost me $1,000 I would like to receive at least $1,000 in recompense.

    “requited” - I would really only expect to come across this in the (poetic) context of unrequited love i.e. love that was not reciprocated by the intended recipient.

    “remunerated” - essentially means paid for (e.g. as an employee or consultant) and would not necessarily have the direct relationship to any amount of money directly expended - it's what you get paid/remunerated for (maybe including an allowance for any appropriate risks).

    Hope this helps

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