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Thread: table ready?

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    table ready?

    I and my workmate are rearranging tables and chairs in a function room the way they used to be earlier. I do not remember the setup so he is moving the tables and when he is done with that I ambringinh the chaires to them. I am not sure if one of those table is now exactly where it should be so I am asking him: "is this table ready (to pull back the chairs at it)?
    I did not say the part in brackets but I meant it.
    The thing is he did not understand what I meant to ask and as he is a native speaker I suppose I did not express it naturally enough. Am I right thinking so? How should I have said that to make myself clear?

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    Re: table ready?

    Unless he is very stupid (a possibility) 'Is this table ready?' should have been understood.

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    Re: table ready?

    Dear Banderas:

    Your question was perfectly understandable in the context you describe.

    Best wishes,


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