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    Testing out new words

    I will write up an essay, trying to utilize words I have just learnt . So the plot MIGHT sound weird and might not seem logical at all. I will appreciate some help in making the sentence more effective as my ability to use the new words are very raw. Here it goes

    Ben Turqu was a socialite among the student body of Anberlin University. He was more renowned for his exquisite taste in Clothing and Fashion . Now ,being only 22 , he already owns his own clothing line " Turquis " .It was established about a year ago. It was no Prada or Gucci but surely , with such big ambitions , one would be foolish to doubt he would make it big one day. A humble beginning would be an understatement .

    His father , Arfa Turqu was the manager of the country's biggest insurance company while his mother was arguably one of the best advertising executive in the country.His parents were instrumental in his development . As a child, Ben would already be playing with dolls and play dress up with them .Ben would surmised that he was a fashion designer . Ben also always did well in school . His father would reward him with new clothes as an inducement to keep him motivated to work hard .

    As he entered the threshold of high school , he was already showing shades of a great entrepreneur . Under the doctrine of his arts teacher Mr . Allan , he has flourished into a great fashion designer . Allan was like a second father to Ben who has implicit respect for him. On the contrary , his least favourite teacher was Mr Flander who always maledicted about Ben to his other teachers.

    After he completed high school , he was spoilt with choices with almost every university offering him scholarships . He also had ideas of skipping college to start his own clothing line . He was left in a state of ambivalence .He excised his list of choices and with the expertise of his dad , he decided, ' why not both '? After all , a Turqa can do the impossible .

    That decision paid off as 'Turquis' was interpolated to have an estimated value of over $2.5 Million in its first year , with Ben on the helm.
    Thanks !!
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    Re: Testing out new words

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    Re: Testing out new words


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    Re: Testing out new words


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